RyanGlatt BrainHealthTrainerRyan will show you how combining Exercise with Cognitive Stimuli can make a difference for your Clients and your Business!

Cognitive Function is one of the top health concerns for those over 50 and represents a huge opportunity for Fitness Professionals to build their business! With the epidemic of cognitive decline exponentially increasing in the coming years due to our aging population, Health and Fitness Professionals need to arm themselves to be relevant, qualified, and prepared to play a significant role in the “brain health continuum.” In order to do this, Health and Fitness Professionals will need information on neuroscience and brain health, be able to assess brain health within their scope of practice, identify when referrals to Allied Medical Professionals should take place, and establish programming centered around brain health outcomes. Our Presenter, Ryan Glatt is a Personal Trainer and Health Coach with over a decade of experience and a focus in neuroscience, currently practicing both Brain Health Coaching and Brain-based Fitness at the Pacific Brain Health Center in Santa Monica, California. Ryan along with Dr. Sarah McEwen are the co-Creators of the Brain Health Trainer Certification

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