Medical Fitness Specialist Hugh MacLeod

My name is Hugh MacLeod, Co-Founder of MedeXN fitness INSTITUTE, a Medical Fitness Exercise and Nutrition resource that provides Certifications and CEU Programs for those conscious Health and Wellness Professionals, that want to elevate their knowledge to support a wider segment of our wonderful Canadian population.

As just another person on the planet, I lived a fairly healthy lifestyle and went about my days just making good choices for me (did not smoke; No drugs; enjoyed some alcohol….Dk. Rum and Coke with Lime; and also enjoyed tasting wines from around the world.

I have a wonderfully Fantabulous wife, and Partner in this noble venture (who is actually the Power and Brains of this operation), two loving Children and one inspiring grand child who keeps us anticipating what great things are next……

One of life’s offerings was Heather being diagnosed with Cancer. With that challenge in front of us (see Heather’s BIO) we quickly learned what is truly important in life, and also the lack of resources being available for the patient prior too and after Her surgery, for getting healthy and strong in moving forward in survivorship.

Another of life’s offerings was to come for Me when on a trip I contracted a “something” (after a lot of Dr.’s visits no definitive cause was determined) that compromised my lungs leaving me with 32% lung capacity and slowing my lifestyle down to a limited pace…..physical daily actions were a challenge to perform (walking up a flight of stairs; being able to play golf; no more walks with my wife or grandchild) and thus began a regimen of prescribed drugs to try and combat the “cause”.

Even after several years of going through the therapy prescribed, I was not improving in any significant way, so my wife suggested it was time to take charge of my own health and thus in consultation with her and my Dr we developed a Nutrition and Exercise plan with the goal of getting back to Me. I moved away from the drug regimen and I am now able to go to the gym 5 days a week and work vigoriously with a weight training and cardio program that allows me to do all the things I could do before, and I am able to achieve new goals that I set for myself without hesitation or worry of “Can I do That”.

This new journey that we have embarked on together, brings us in contact with some very powerful and Inspirational folks from across this great land that share the same passion for getting up each day and getting it done, and providing resources for those Medically challenged people who are searching for Trainers that are Specialist in those fields of need.