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Join Andrea Leonard , Author and Founder of the Cancer Exercise Training Institute, as she speaks on the subject of Cancer Exercise and how it can help Build your Business while helping YOU make a Difference in the lives of the over 2.3 Million Cancer Survivors in Canada! As a Cancer Survivor herself, Andrea knows […]

Managing Your Exercise in a Pandemic: 10 Easy Exercises to Build a Strong Core Without Leaving the House

By : Dr. Sheri Colberg Just in time for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) social distancing and closures of gyms and fitness centers in many areas, here’s a revisit of many important core exercises you can do at home to keep yourself strong and healthy. Download the pdf excerpt from the book by Dr. Colberg “Diabetes […]

4 Reasons Why You Should Become a Cancer Exercise Specialist

Cancer Exercise Specialist Training Survivor

A New Field of Practice in Canada: Medical Fitness Exercise If you think of a client’s fitness level as a progression on a continuum, with treatment and rehab on one end and fitness on the other end, medical fitness exercise fits into the gap between post-rehab and fitness.     This is the space where […]

Why Specialize in Cancer Exercise?

The burden of cancer in Canada continues to rise; in 2018, over 207,000 Canadians were diagnosed with cancer. According to the Canadian Cancer Society, during their lifetime, nearly 1 in 2 Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer, that’s an astounding number! Cancer is predominately seen in those 50 years of age and older, with nearly […]