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WEBINAR Replay: BRAIN HEALTH AND EXERCISE:PROGRAMMING FOR THE FUTURE Presented by Ryan Glatt Ryan will show you how combining Exercise with Cognitive Stimuli can make a difference for your Clients and your Business! Cognitive Function is one of the top health concerns for those over 50 and represents a huge opportunity for Fitness Professionals to […]


AndreaLeonard CancerExerciseSpecialist

Join Andrea Leonard, Author and Founder of the Cancer Exercise Training Institute, as she speaks on the subject of Cancer Exercise and how it can help Build your Business while helping YOU make a difference in the lives of the over 2.3 Million Cancer Survivors in Canada! As a Cancer Survivor herself, Andrea knows the […]

Managing Your Exercise in a Pandemic: 10 Easy Exercises to Build a Strong Core Without Leaving the House

By : Dr. Sheri Colberg Just in time for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) social distancing and closures of gyms and fitness centers in many areas, here’s a revisit of many important core exercises you can do at home to keep yourself strong and healthy. Download the pdf excerpt from the book by Dr. Colberg “Diabetes […]

4 Reasons Why You Should Become a Cancer Exercise Specialist

Cancer Exercise Specialist Training Survivor

A New Field of Practice in Canada: Medical Fitness Exercise If you think of a client’s fitness level as a progression on a continuum, with treatment and rehab on one end and fitness on the other end, medical fitness exercise fits into the gap between post-rehab and fitness. This is the space where a client […]

Why Specialize in Cancer Exercise?

The burden of cancer in Canada continues to rise; in 2018, over 207,000 Canadians were diagnosed with cancer. According to the Canadian Cancer Society, during their lifetime, nearly 1 in 2 Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer, that’s an astounding number! Cancer is predominately seen in those 50 years of age and older, with nearly […]

Announcing MedeXN

Our Mission atMedeXN Fitness Institute is to provide world class advanced qualifications for Health and Fitness Professionals who wish to elevate their knowledge in the field of Medical Fitness Exercise and Nutrition. Our on-line Certifications and Courses will provide Health and Fitness Professionals with the specialized knowledge and skills they need, to work with the […]