Holistic Group Fitness Instructor™ (HGFI) 30% off-Pay Just 4 Payments of $79.00 each!


Pay Just $79.00 for 4 months! 

The Holistic Group Fitness Instructor (HGFI) course is for Group Fitness Instructors who would like to instruct our Mindful Stretch class, coach clients who have stress and incorporate customized aromatherapy plans for their clients. Our R.E.L.A.X™ ( Restoring Energy Levels and Xhiliration) program is different from Yoga or Pilates and incorporates the use of lavender scented eye pillows and stretching. We use traditional stretches, some of which are similar to Makaho stretches. When stretching, we stretch the muscles and possibly move positive energy through the body. This helps to initiate the relaxation response. Mindful Stretch™ is a gentle class designed to elicit the relaxation response in a different way from Yoga or Pilates. Our classes blend relaxation with stretching and aromatherapy scents. The class is formatted in a certain way so that participants can achieve a total state of stress relief.

To become a Holistic Group Fitness Instructor™ (HGFI) you must currently be a Group Fitness Instructor.

4 Payments of $79.00 Per Month




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