Why Specialize?
What is the Opportunity? In one word… HUGE!

In Canada and the US, the Medical Fitness Exercise field is beginning to take hold, and the opportunity is Huge!

We live in a unique time in our history where the demographics have shifted, the median age of Canadians has grown from 36.8 in the year 2000 to 41.3 in the year 2018 which means that half of our country is over the age of 41!

  • Nearly one in six Canadians (6.3 million) are 65 years or older, and this age group is growing four times faster than overall population.
  • More than one in five Canadian adults live with one of the following chronic diseases: Cardiovascular Disease, Cancer, Diabetes and Chronic Respiratory Disease
  • Include Osteoporosis, and that jumps to 1 in 4 Canadian adults
  • 33% of the population reports being limited in their activities “sometimes” or “often” due to disease/illness, population aged 12+ years[2]

If you are not certified to work with this population, you are missing out on a growing opportunity!

With the Certifications and Courses offered at MedeXN fitness INSTITUTE, YOU can be ideally positioned to work with this population!

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