Osteoporosis and STRESS

  By: Robyn Kade, MBMS We are entering a new era with medical fitness in terms of understanding how exercise can help individuals with chronic illness and stress. This is a very exciting time for the fitness industry as baby boomers are becoming our target population. Fitness Professionals, through quality education, can be well positioned […]

Creating Healthy Eating Habits While Working from Home

By Lisa Tsakos R.H.N. More than a year into the pandemic, most of us have adapted to the new normal of online shopping and speedy supermarket visits. Together, we ate through our pantries, baked sourdough bread, and learned new cooking techniques to cope with the strange new reality happening outside our door. A significant percentage […]

Could Stress be Contributing to Your Client’s Resistance to Weight Loss?

By: Lisa Tsakos R.H.N. and Heather Creamer R.H.N. (including excerpts from the Natural Nutrition Coach® Certificate program) Modern life is fraught with stress. The impact that the covid virus has had on our daily life, combined with the regular pressures of life—finances, family responsibilities, health problems, and work demands, to name a few—it can be […]

How You Can Help Clients Living with Prediabetes to Mitigate Thier Risk for Developing Overt Type 2 Diabetes

People Living with Prediabetes can Reduce their Risk for Developing Overt Type 2 Diabetes with Lifestyle Modifications. Prediabetes is defined as the intermediate state between normal blood glucose levels and below the levels used to diagnose diabetes. According to Diabetes Canada, nearly 6 million people in Canada are living with prediabetes; in the US, according […]

Range of Motion Limitations Following Breast Surgery

Range of Motion Limitations Following Breast Surgery Adapted from the:  Free Mini Course: Essentials of Cancer Exercise Following breast surgery/reconstruction, shoulder range of motion limitations (ROM) are not uncommon. This may also be the case with some head and neck cancer surgeries. It’s important to address these issues because they can lead to additional joint […]

Immune Up: Supporting the Body’s Natural Defenses

Immune Up: Supporting the Body’s Natural Defenses with Nutrition Article by: Lisa Tsakos R.H.N. Since the pandemic, protecting our health and well-being has become a top priority. We are more concerned than ever about strengthening the body’s defenses to fight off pathogens and reduce inflammation. A strong immune system acts like a natural firewall against […]

What Makes Our Nutrition Program Different?

We asked our grads to tell us a bit about how the Natural Nutrition Coach Program has changed their life and here is what they said!   “I have incorporated so much of what I learned from the NNC program into so many aspects of my business, as well as my personal life!”   Frances […]


In a recent study, it was shown that rodents fed the typical SAD (Standard American Diet) were found to have an increase in fat mass, a decrease in lean mass, and significant increases in pro-inflammatory cytokines (which play a role in initiating the inflammatory response and may trigger pain), high serum leptin (a satiety hormone […]



WEBINAR REPLAY : DIABETES EXERCISE WITH DR. SHERI COLBERG  This webinar, by DR. Sheri Colberg PhD, FACSM, is a great introduction for Fitness and Health Professionals working with clients who are physically active with Diabetes or Prediabetes (which is one in three Canadians), What you will learn: Which types of training that are appropriate, exercise […]