Webinar Replay: Combating Stress with Tai Chi


Have you ever heard someone say, “I’m just too relaxed.”? If you have, that person is very rare. Especially in today’s world. This past year has given us more stress than we ever thought possible! And we need to find ways to deal with this constant high level of stress. Tai Chi is an excellent vehicle to teach yourself and your clients how to “balance out your life,” both in terms of external balance, and in terms of helping your body heal itself by toning down the sympathetic nervous system and allowing the parasympathetic nervous system to take hold. MedeXN is excited to present Dianne Bailey, the creator of the Open the Door to Tai Chi system, for this fun, interactive webinar. Learn how Tai Chi may just be the perfect exercise for you to start incorporating into exercise programs and using with your clients!

To find out more visit: https://medexn.com/product/open-the-door-to-tai-chi-basic-certification/


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